Standing on ladders once more     [Oct 19, 2022]

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Turning the buckles.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee says that the correct name for the things that will hold the slide covers in place are easily forgotten. Even the supply store manager didn't know what to call them, without looking at a package of them. They are turn buckles and most boats have them for holding tarps in place. After velcro and dome fasteners, we have moved on to turn buckles to keep our slide covers in place during windy and rainy times here in Parksville.

I'm starting to pack for the quilt retreat next week. There are a few projects to choose from to take along, and I want to take them all! But there is only so much suitcase space, so choices must be made.

I started putting eyelets and washers into our slide covers. The afternoon sun was great to work in, with a busy estuary to stop and watch while playing with pliers, hole punch and hammer. Lee will be installing the turn buckles onto the outer walls of the slide outs to give our RV unit a better water proofing on the slide tops.

As we later sat out front in the setting sun, neighbours Terry and Stacey drove by and Terry hopped out to chat. He knows many of the musicians we spent time with in Minnedosa this past summer - and he is a friend of Jeff Neil. Another small world connection.