Hobbes has his 17th birthday     [Oct 18, 2022]

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What a lousy excuse.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Hobbes has his 17th birthday today. He's had his share of health issues and lost a couple of lives over the years but he is doing just fine. He now goes out of the Schooner without harness and we let him roam a bit before herding him back in.

Lee and Lez took off in the early afternoon (after Lez had slaved over a washer and dryer for a few hours) and ran some errands. But first, lunch. We decided on some fast food so we whipped over to the A and W. As we were consuming lunch inside, we noticed that the staff was locking the door to the dining room. On our way out we read the sign on the door - closed due to lack of staff. I don't think so. The drive through was open and busy. They looked to have plenty of staff. Lee thinks it was an excuse to slack off and only deal with drive through customers. How many other places now use this as an excuse.

Grin - I think that the Dub was using only drive thru to cut back on staff, and only the kitchen and one packer staff would be there for the rest of work day. We poked out to the Dutch store in Coombs and picked up the usual essentials - Stroop Waffels and a healthy chunk of Gouda Cheese. I picked up a new evening coffee cup - as mine from our summer travels broke a couple of days ago when it wasn't placed safely onto the counter.

Back at the Schooner we enjoyed the estuary views today, and did not take a single pic.

A couple out for a walk stopped by and we ended up chatting about our solar panels and the RV and we invited them in to see what the Avalanche offered for space and layout. Terry Banks and his wife Stacey spent the afternoon chatting in the Schooner. We have many interests in common.