Trucks and bikes     [Oct 17, 2022]

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A Pickup-poke-and-prod day.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee thinks this is a first. He loaded his bike in the back of Chuck, took him to the GM dealer for an oil change and left on his bike to run some errands while Chuck was in the shop. A bike in the back of the truck. We have become so islandish.

A great evening was spent at the PQHQG - which is the Parksville Quilt House Quilt Guild - for their monthly meeting. The feature speaker was the Singing Quilter Cathy Miller from Victoria. A great presentation as she shared her quilting stories - and sang her songs poking fun at and sharing adventures in the world of quilting. Her quilts are beautiful and inspiring.

I hadn't driven Chuck for ages on my own and was happy to have the navigation system, Sally, handy.