Jumping jiminy salmon     [Oct 20, 2022]

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Two ladders and Lez's hand.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee says - Yup. Two ladders needed to install the last and largest slide cover. Then Lez handed up buckles, screws, adhesive and the drill so Lee could install the buckles and finish the job. Being able to stand on the fence also helped.

There have been a couple of salmon observed in our estuary for a few days now. There is only one small channel to get out and they have not found it. Every once in a while they jump right out of the water.

Chores! Not the household kind though. With the promise of long awaited and much needed rain looming, we decided we had better get those slide out covers back into the tracks and fastened to the RV with newly installed turn buckles so the covers will keep rain off the tops of the slideouts (and help prevent any water coming in). They also will prevent the Goose droppings sliding inside when we leave in the spring and pull in our slide outs. Oh yes, the Canada Geese drop whoppers as they fly three feet over the RV units and head to or from Parksville oceanside park. I'm sure there will be talk about the crazy Albertans up on two ladders in the hot sun today.

As I write late in the afternoon, those aforementioned geese (about three dozen) plus six white Snow Geese are huddled down on that field of green grass. We'll avoid going for a walk through the grass tonight. The north wind has finally come up and the air this evening is clear of smoke that has been hanging for days. However, earlier today we had really thick fog - making our view of the Parksville beach invisible, and Shelley Park a mysterious forest shrouded in the fog.

As we looked east along the waterway back of the Schooner - salmon jumped right out of the water. It did so several times, but with no warning, a photo just wasn't taken.