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A whack of liquor boxes.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

The folks at Mid-Island Liquor at the top of the hill have been very generous in giving me their empty boxes. It probably helped that I bought some wine there at the same time.

We only have three slides but, holy moly, I have used about 20 liquor boxes to get this done.

A word of warning if you are ever doing this yourself. Check the top of the slide cover very carefully before you start because there may be some rain water up there (the reason Lee is doing this project in the first place). He went up to slide the first liquor box between the fabric and the top of the slide and, well, you guessed it, he got soaked as the rain water came down right on him and his clothes. There was a LOT of water up there.

I was a little concerned when all these boxes arrived with Lee from the liquor store.We don't need THAT much wine. Ahhh. He has a plan to keep the water from pooling on the slide covers.

The next thing I see is a drowned man dripping at the doorway. Said slide covers are now void of water, and said man is the dripping proof. Good thing he is pre-shrunk and good thing he has a fresh pair of dry blue jeans.