Slithering slugs, according to Lee     [Nov 2, 2023]

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Free range escargot.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

So, our slide covers do a nice job of protecting all three sides of our slides, but the fabric holds quite a bit of rain water after a rain. Feeling that the weight of the water could impact the cover, Lee decided to fill the void between the fabric and top of the slide with a spacer, in this case a set of liquor boxes cut down to three and four inches in height. That works just fine.

The sun beckoned, and a free range escargot wandered on our ground mat and I placed him on the fence. I captured him/her - "on film" aka took pictures and let it wander its way sooooo slowy along the fence.

Plans for later were to sit out back of the RV and lazily view the estuary, wildlife and tide waters. However, Mother Nature decided to rain on our parade. We enjoyed a scrumptuous corn fritter dinner with some Wild Goose Autumn Gold (Riesling, Gwertz, Pino Gris). Perhaps this calls for a movie night.