Otters have to eat too     [Nov 1, 2023]

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Otter distractions.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

The otters in the estuary come as far as our arm of the estuary from time to time. I think it depends on the tide and whether he or she is finding any fish this far from ocean outlet. Today was a good day for them.

The day emerged with cloudy skies which are still holding back the sun, which is trying very hard to break through as I type this after lunch. I am still going through the diaries and daytimers, and with a bit of perserverence should be through them today.

Oh look - a distraction LOL. As I am typing, something moving outside catches my attention. An otter is on the shore across from us and down aways, and he is having lunch. A mouthful of a fish is being devoured.