Doing without     [Jan 13, 2023]

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Into the dusty corners of our email accounts.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee says that it is always fun (not) when you have to find and change system software settings that have been unchanged for, let's say, decades. This week's adventure takes us to Microsoft Outlook. Our service provider, Telus, is changing servers and as such our addressing to the new ones has to change.

What's interesting, enjoyable, frustrating, annoying is when you do a Google search for the issue and you get back several top replies that each suggests a different solution. Long story short, we blew the dust off some settings, updated them and we're back in business.

A super Parksville Quilt House Quilt Guild Sew Day at St. Mark's Anglican Church in Qualicum Beach. 30+ quilters, members of the guild, gathered to work on their own sewing projects, which included comfort quilts for the guild's community support.

We ended our day with a cheese fondue and an evening of Jason Bourne movies. A great way to end a dreary, rainy day.