Doing laundry inspires Lee     [Jan 12, 2023]

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Enough design already, get coding.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee says that today's inspiration comes from a view of the Salish Sea and the sound of a laundry machine in the background. Yes, he was in the laundry building and through just one load in a washer and then a dryer he finished the design work on the Roads Less Gravelled website. Now to start the coding changes.

Meanwhile, as Lee laundered, I spent the morning with the task of defrosting our fridge. The unit is not really very large, but holds what we need quite nicely. Another bonus of a small unit for defrosting (besides purchasing a self-defrosting expensive unit) is that it IS a small fridge and freezer. 3 boxes of ice cream would fill it LOL.

We had crazy winds yesterday, with the Schooner truly rocking like the high seas. It was only 25 kph but we normally experience 5 kph!