This is what a king tide and swollen Englisman River does     [Dec 27, 2022]

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Drive through the water to visit in Ladysmith.

Water, water, everywhere Learning from the Manuel manual

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee looked out the back window and noticed the estuary water was almost to the top of the gravel pad. Wow! He went out immediately and snapped photos of water literally everywhere. It had come up over the estuary shore and flooded the gravel road, under the motorhomes in that area, over the paved road and was spilling tide water into the Parksville Community Park area. Further into Surfside RV Resort, the road was flooded and residents were unable to drive in or out. We heard there was considerable damage further in near the end of the Surfside property.

It was off to Ladysmith to join Colleen and John Manuel for lunch. We sat and talked, and watched some junior hockey, for most of the afternoon.

On our way home we picked up some groceries in Nanaimo and filled Chuck with fuel ($ 1.489, whoopee).

An enjoyable visit and great lunch at the home of Macarena friend Colleen and hubby John. Had a visit with her mom too, who showed the various crafts she does. A great day catching up on their world.

We noticed the high river water levels along the way, and took photos. Water levels here too earlier in the day were duly photographically recorded. (Is that even a word LOL).

Longwood Brew Pub (Nanaimo) came into view as we travelled home in the dark and Chuck just had to turn in for us to enjoy a wee bite of a delicious starter and then ribs washed down with a beer. Another lazy non-stop talk delicious dinner as we have enjoyed in the past. Highly recommended.