What storm. It is sunny, still and water has receded     [Dec 28, 2022]

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It feels like spring is here.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

We walked over to dump some garbage in sunny, still, +8c weather. It felt so good. The only evidence of yesterday's storm was some standing water in the Parksville Park next to Surfside and the flooded tennis court.

Lee says - OK, that's it. Winter is over and here comes spring.

So - the snow is now history, the skies over the mountains are cloudy on the island and on the mainland. Here in Parksville the skies are clear blue above us. We took some photos of a very high tide coming into the estuary. The watershed filled Englishman River was the main subject of the day's wander to take the garbage to the bins. A pair of Bald Eagles kept a close eye on us.

The Boardwalk and park are very busy today - lots of cars, people and their dogs are soaking up the fresh air. Our weather forecast is for the next 7 days of solid rain, not even a hint of sunshine!

Now reporting and recording my last 3 days of 2022 in the blog! I might get back to creating mayhem on the back table. Or maybe catch up on photo edits. Choices! LOL such a busy life!