The family around the table     [Dec 26, 2022]

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Fondue in the Schooner.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

The Schooner was rocking to a good time this afternoon as we had three guests (mom, Ralph, and Simona) over for a fondue. We ate early because Ralph and Simona have to be up around 3 AM to drive over and catch a 5 AM ferry to the mainland and then a flight to Mexico, where they hope to stay for about two months.

After they left we had a great Zoom session with the kids in Edmonton.

The good china comes out - guests arriving. OK, we are using our good china daily as that is all we brought with us on this journey to see our whole country. Our kitchen table gets moved to the middle of the main room and everyone is able to comfortably sit around the fondue pot. Lee had made dinner buns and they were enjoyed too.