Mexican train on the Salish sea shore     [Nov 11, 2022]

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A car wash or a hockey rink.

Hockey game images

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

We got back to a favourite game for us, playing with our neighbours Ron and Cami. It's called Mexican Train and we played in the C Building social area. It is like dominoes except there are stones with up to 12 points on them.

We then had a quick bite and headed over for a hockey game. Lee thought this might be a close game, but the boys were right on (minus their best player) and won 6-1. Lee also discovered that turning on the heat above our seats is like a carwash - put in a loonie and get 30 minutes of radiant heat above your head. Too funny.

Remembrance Day. My uncles Bill and Fred both were in our Cdn Armed Forces. I really didn't appreciate the service they gave our country until many years later, and I now am very grateful for their service.

Fast forward to 2006, I meet soldiers who were very seriously injured in Afghanistan and gave quilts to two of them, and left a third quilt with the mom whose son was in a coma recovering from his injuries. Their truck had been hit by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device). Meeting them, realizing how young they (and our deployed soldiers) were, and also learned that if they were able, they would be back overseas ready to defend another country with their fellow soldiers. The experience for me left me telling everyone who would listen, the whole experience of a glimpse into the life of those who keep our country enjoying the freedoms we have, as they serve overseas. Other quilters stepped up and wanted to make quilts for our injured soldiers, and the organization Quilts of Valour (QOV) emerged. As of today 19,628 quilts have been presented to our military - serving members and veterans who are dealing with their injuries - visible and invisible. The quilts are made by thousands of our wonderful quilters across Canada. 43 quilters are currently representatives who coordinate the gathering and presentation of the quilted hugs.

On a lighter note, the Oceanside Generals had a SUPER night on the ice.