Another game, another win     [Nov 12, 2022]

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A voice in the crowd.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee says that tonight he heard a voice in the crowd at the Generals game. He heard the voice all night, incessantly griping at the team and the players. With the game into its last minute and leading 4-1 she was still complaining about their play. Sheesh.

Noisy fans - at least this fan was a little less vocal than the guy behind us at the previous game who was very vocal and hounded the referees the entire game.

The weather has turned gloomy and cool, lightly raining on and off, but not very windy.

We opened our back curtains to see a Black Tailed Deer out the back window quietly munching on the green grass sprouting up just at the edge of the gravelled pad we are docked on.

It was a day working at the sewing table, finishing off a quilt block that will be sent to a quilter who will gather the same patterned block from many quilters and put them together into a quilt for their charity support.