So where did we hide the sheet of plywood     [Nov 10, 2022]

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More storage nookies put in place.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

While Lez went to Nanaimo with her mom, Lee installed some more storage racks in the kitchen. And, more, importantly, he abandoned the rocking chairs in favour of them once again being the "legs" for his plywood desk top. The rocking chairs were just too hard on both our bodies.

We'll try to sell the rocking chairs and Lee will make a permanent desk top in the near future.

Mom and I headed out mid-morning to Nanaimo and hit up one of the shopping malls. The mall and all the shops are geared up for the Nov 11th weekend, and CHRISTMAS! Everywhere super decorated, and sales from 25% off to 60% off enticed a few purchases. We enjoyed a shared chicken burger lunch in the food court, and rested our feet for part deux.

We arrived back at our RV after 4 pm and unloaded my bag of shopping goodies. Mom came in to say "Hi" and as we walked towards the RV, our Family Greeter, Mr Sociable Hobbes, came out to meet us. I think he wanted to let us know he needed more food and dad was busy.

Looking forward to an easy evening - catching a movie or two.

Know anyone who could use two swivel rockers