OK, so it's not -30c.     [Nov 9, 2022]

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Lez is in her space.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee notes that we had a -2c overnight last night. Cold, but not like what our kids are experiencing in Edmonton. When we lived there, -2c was a balmy winter day.

At -2c our propane furnace runs somewhat regularly. What it confirms is that an RV is not meant for prairie winter living. The furnace would never go off, the propane cost would be significant and our water pipes would probably freeze up. The conclusion - we are in the best place in Canada to live through winter. No complaints whatsoever.

Well, the comfy rockers are not turning out to be so comfy, so we will reconsider the changes we thought might work.

Meanwhile, having my laptop on the back table with the current quilt project on the screen is turning into something that I believe I may continue. The current item is one quilt block - a 15" square block, simple design suggested by a fellow quilter to make and forward to him. From all the blocks from the quilters interested, a comfort quilt will be made with blocks from those who sent their blocks.

Caught up on the last of the Jack Ryan episodes until December, so will have to do a little search for movies - which should be pretty easy.