Hope Valley campground (Oct 17, 2020)

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Oh, we do have a sewer connection.

We decided to stay another day. While Lee went for Timmies breakfast items, Lez started the defrosting of the fridge, which was somewhat overdue. We also took advantage of the time to do some laundry. And later, we went for groceries in Hope. We finished the day with a cheese fondue. And, lots of conversation about where our travels are headed.

Lez sighs: Chores! Yes, even on the road, some semblance of chores have to be taken care of. We have the defrosting down to a science - the hair blow dryer makes quick work of melting the frost on the freezer, along with a pan of boiling water. Got things reogranized and only had to throw out one jar of mystery sauce. Starting to look forward to being "settled" for a few months in Parksville. We went for a walk around some of the campsite roads - quite the maze - took the map along! Most of the units are here for the winter - and many of the units are very permanent - intricate deck decor, various types of skirting to keep the heat in underneath the unit. HUGE propane tanks - 100 lbs? will have to inspect! Certainly not something you toss into the back of the pickup to take to refill!