Hope Valley campground (Oct 18, 2020)

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Happy birthday, old fella.

Having finished planning and reserving out the last days before we park in Parksville, we decided to stay in Hope until the ferry day on Tuesday. We wandered the campground a bit and generally enjoyed our home until it was family dinner time. It was great to see the three kids again and share stories. We also showed off our birthday boy, Hobbes, who turned 15 today. He was not impressed being held up to the laptop camera. He was also not impressed with the rain. Better stay inside, fella.

Lez notes: Can we get any lazier? Spent a Zoom session today with the Quilts of Valour AGM, and later in the day a Video conferenced Family Dinner with Aaron & Chris and Alec. Not much else ! But enough to fill the day! We gave Hobbes lots of brushings, and scratches and hugs. 15 years is pretty good for a big cat!! He still wanted to go outside all day - and "dad" finally opened the door to the rain - and Hobbes just turned and walk away. "That's not the weather I wanted....Mom " moved the house again." :(