Hope Valley campground (Oct 16, 2020)

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Home cooking in the rain.

It's been raining all day. We decided to stay put (nowhere to escape it anyways) and do some "home" stuff. Lee made bran muffins for breakfast, Lez carved a pumpkin (and prepared the all important pumpkin seeds). Then Lee did some software development work while Lez just "vegged" the day away. So nice and lazy. And, according to the internet and friends, no need to deal with snow and cold weather back you-know-where. Finished with a nice homemade supper washed down with a nice red Bordeaux.

Lez snorts! "vegged" hey!!! I'll have you know I caught up on all the solitaire puzzles for the month! And slaved over the hot stove to roast those "pungkin" seeds after getting my hands into the slimy orange gourd all the way up to my elbows!!! Just to get those precious seeds! Then spend a great time on Facebook keeping in touch with many good friends. And then.. ummmm... oh! took a picture of said "pungkin"! And updated a few of the pics for our blog. And did some exhange of info with Quilts of Valour - and .. ummm ... enjoyed the great dinner the Man made!!!