Osoyoos to Hope (Oct 15, 2020)

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One step ahead of the weather sheriff.

Headed out around 11 am as usual, taking Highway 3 west as suggested by Roland Kruger. We drove right through to Hope without stopping. It just felt good knowing that colder and snowy weather was coming up behind us. Highway 3 is great with many passing lanes and great fall colours. After settling into Hope Valley Campground, Lee took Hobbes for a walk and struck up a conversation with our neighbours who are from near Drumheller. As we have seen so often on this trip, these are southern US snowbirds now scrambling for a place for the winter (they are full time RVers like us). In their case, they managed to get a place in an RV park in Fort Langley. We are so lucky to have made our reservation far in advance. It's going to rain for a day or two, so we are staying put here for a while.

Lez is relieved: To be over those mountains now, and having missed any of the snow and ice that could have hit, yes, I am very relieved. We had to forego being able to camp in Coldspring, Manning Park with 2C (feels like -2C) rain and snow mix overnight. Guess we will have to do that section of Hwy 3 again one day! And why not! Our day was very quiet, leaving Osoyoos around our usual 11ish. Roads clear, not busy, and lots of passing lane sections for those long climbs! We actually passed an RV today on one of those runs!!! We are reading and hearing about the snowfall and weather about to hit Edmonton area - and are really thankful to be in the Hope campground - dry, warm and safe. Trusting family and friends "back home" will be safe as they get to maneuver the traffic in the morning!