Creston to Grand Forks (Oct 12, 2020)

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How tight can it get.

We left Creston after double checking the weather and road conditions on the Kootenay Pass. It was good to go so we decided to take that route and save some time. There was snow in the ditches at the summit. We stopped in Castlegar for some hardware (Lee had to fix one of the rear stabilizers on the Schooner), some lunch and some fuel. Then it was off over the Ralston summit with a little more snow in the ditches. We stopped to take some photos of the Ralston Bridge over a very deep canyon. Lez found a plastic bag with binoculars in it. It had a note in it that said someone had accidentally taken them, realized it, and brought them back. Only in Canada. We continued on into Grand Forks. The campground had a spot that was very tight and required about a 60 degree turn between Chuck and the Schooner. We got it in and when we extended the slideouts we found that one of them opened with four inches to spare between the neighbours RV. We were proud of ourselves for that one.

Lez beams: The Man is getting VERY good at his manuevering the Schooner into place. It is interesting to see what shifts and what doesn't as we go over various roads - bumps, dips, swerves. Some days going back to open up after travel, nothing "moved" and the slide out is easy, some days the kitchen drawers are sticking out. I have put a very solid cardboard "fence" inside each section of the cupboards and that has appeared to keep anything from falling out. Opening the fridge (in the RV and in the "pantry" or outside kitchen) is a very cautious experience - as packing things in is easy to prevent falling over, but the couple of shelves without a lip become an issue in slllooooowly opening the door. First time round was all that ever needed to be cautious the next time ! What a beautiful route through the mountains - lots of passing lanes so we did not hold up folk, and lots of colours! Beauty time of year to travel.