Grand Forks to Osoyoos (Oct 13, 2020)

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Lee's quilt shop.

The drive from Grand Forks to Osoyoos provided us with a wide variety of weather. We had overcast with rain and a bit of sleet to sunny conditions. The temperature went from 5 degrees at the start to 2 degrees at the top of the pass to 12 degrees in Osoyoos. After settling in we went to Moon Curser Vineyards to pick up our club membership wine. While there, we arranged for a Christmas case for the kids. Lez wanted to take a picture of the wine as we left because, as she explained, this is actually a VQA VQA wine run we are doing. She took a picture of Lee with the wine and dubbed it Lee's quilt shopping adventure. We then took advantage of the Boston Pizza in Osoyoos and had an early supper. After that, we took Hobbes for a walk (or the other way around). Everyone we meet comments on how big he is.

Lez clicks away: Two & a half hour drive and 133 photos! Almost a photo a minute! OK, I will cull out the ones 2 seconds apart - but there is so much beauty to capture!! Snow for just a few KM, a bit of rain before and after, roads wet but not dangerous and spectacular rest place views along the way. We've driven through several times over the years - every time is different. The Okanagan opened up, the sun came out - and we docked, ensured Hobbes was OK (fed) and started VQA VQA XXVI (records need to be checked, last specific run for a VQA was 2016). We have stopped for replenishing the cellar as we've travelled thru to the coast & back.... need to account for them. *sigh* more work to do, pictures to look through and re-enjoy ... LOLOL! As we walk with Hobbes, we have had so many comments "Oh a Ginger!". Funny, how we have not considered him a ginger cat, but i guess he is!!