Creston Golf Club (Oct 11, 2020)

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Of new wine and old friend.

This afternoon we hooked up with Denise Dawson, Deni, to have her and her husband Chris Dooley show us around Creston. Besides the nature walk, winery visit and Creston Golf Club Thanksgiving dinner, we spent a lot of time reminiscing about our days working for Gene's in Regina and about our familes and friends. It was funny, enlightening, sad and wonderful all wrapped into one.

Lez adds: What a great day! Deni & I were "chicken slingers" at the KFC stores! We packed those buckets and snack boxes, answered the phones, filled the take-out orders, made gallons of gravy, encountered every kind of customer possible, kept the stores spotless and lamented every time the burger grill was cleaned for the night and a burger was ordered, or we had 8 pieces of chicken cooked and someone came in for a barrel - which needed more pieces to be cooked! Deni & I worked a bit together, but she was mostly at the Dewndney store (west) and I was at the North Store. Our respective boyfriends were managers at the others' store! It was physical work, but we were young and full of energy. Lee & I went to university Mon-Fri all day, worked the store Fri & Sat nights and Sunday days. I marvel how Lee & I made it though! Good thing Sundays were relatively slow! Our KFC friendships back then were strong and included many of the Gene's Ltd KFC employees - older and younger. Over the years Deni & I have managed to keep in touch, even tho not living in the same provinces, and only one corporate reunion between then and now - it was like stepping on where we left off! OH! and Chris worked at Sask Tel in Regina towards the end of Lee's career there, but they never met, and Chris wasn't part of Deni's world back then. However, Chris does know some of our Sask Tel friends we've kept in touch with! More small world!