Cranbrook to Creston (Oct 10, 2020)

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Not so lucky with the weather.

Up early and made muffins for breakfast. We knew it would be a wet day. So, we packed up, drove to Creston, and set back up in the rain. It wasn't so bad at all.

Lez yawns and stretches: Well am I spoiled!!! The smell of Banana bread muffins infused with blueberries to wake up to! Great way to warm up the Schooner and share a lazy breakfast. Packed up before the rain hit Cranbrook, and headed out to Creston - where it greeted us with 13c temps and lots of those fat wet drops! Someone quipped - at least it's not snow! Connected with Deni Dawson from KFC days (waaaayyy back) and arranged to connect tomorrow - rain or shine, hit up a winery, have dinner together. Meanwhile, we loaded up on snackies for the wet rest of the day, as we plan to work on blogs and photos. Fireplace is keeping us toasty, and even Hobbes is enjoying the RV's warmth - and a good old rock station on the radio.