Kimberley (Oct 7, 2020)

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Meeting Phealan and Bob.

We rose late today, having some fruit and then driving to Kimberley to meet a QOV colleague of Lez's for lunch. Her son Kyle is a veteran and now trains service dogs. We first met Phealan, a German Shepherd that is at the start of his training. Later he brought Bob over (he's well trained as a service dog). All the while we had a nice lunch outside on the "Platzl" which is a closed off street in downtown Kimberley. We also saw their extensive work in celebrating veterans and those who had passed in all the conflicts Canada has been involved (more than you might think). We returned home on a different road and spent some time sitting on the picnic bench enjoying the unusually warm afternoon. Even Hobbes curled up with us after a while.

Lez adds: We enjoyed the scenery to and from Kimberley - the fall colours and blue skies !!! Cindy Postnikoff is our QOVC rep for the East and West Kootenay regions. It was great to meet another of many reps who is so committed to ensuring our Canadian military & veterans receive a Quilt of Valour. She also ensures any of the American veterans retired here also receive a quilt - with the U.S. QOVF label! She is very busy in the community - spearheading the new Kimberley Veteran Memorial Park, organizing a "virtual" Remembrance Day ceremony this year. She also facilitates "Military Ames" groups of veterans including WWII and senior veterans; Vietnam Veterans - yes, there are Canadians who served in Vietnam; and a Military Ames Veteran Camaraderie Group. The groups offer a safe place for veterans to get together - with no rank in the room. Cindy's son Kyle Dalum brought Bob, his service dog, with him too when he joined us for lunch.