KOA campground (Oct 8, 2020)

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What's another day.

We got moving today and it was pretty obvious to both of us that we didn't want to go far. Lee buried himself in some software development. Lez had Hobbes out for a long walk (a long time, not so much walking). It was another warm afternoon and we enjoyed it. We had the BBQ out for supper and lazed away the rest of the day watching some Van Halen clips on the computer and U2 on the stereo.

Lez fills in: And don't forget the BBQ in the rain!!! Of course, a beauty sunny day, bring out the Q - and it pours. Good thing there is a lid on the wee cooker, and we were able to enjoy corn (microwaved LOL) and 'qued sausages. Lots of photos were editted today, including some spectacular clouds with the storm sunset. The youTube van Halen recordings morphed into Victor Borge recordings - which ended with one performance with his long standing opera singer guest Marilyn Mulvey. I have decided I wish to see an Opera - and Lee has "graciously declined". On the lookout for an opera buddy!!