Blairmore to Cranbrook (Oct 6, 2020)

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Bless your health today.

Fellow Dutchman, emigrant as a kid like me, made his mark as one of the best guitarists ever, Eddie Van Halen passed this morning. It's so sad, but he could not beat the cancer. I'm thinking of our son Alec's guitar a lot today - he refinished it and emulated one of Eddie's most famous guitars. We are parked in a beautifully kept KOA campground on the St. Mary's River in Cranbrook. We are healthy and happy. Hobbes has already tried to escape once, so life is pretty much normal. Time to make veal and schnitzel. Raise a glass to Eddie and wash it down with a good Canadian Riesling.

Lez notes: Better put on an appropriate CD with dinner!!! Another glorious weather day as we have now entered British Columbia. The KOA is quite quiet - only a handful of units today. I find that the cost of the "shoulder" season to be pretty much the same as the privately run sites with the water, power and sewer. This also offers TV and WIFI, which we will pass on. We have not watched TV since April 29th!!! Not missing it. Will no doubt find more Van Halen to listen to over the next few days.