Frank Slide field (Oct 5, 2020)

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Disasters all around.

We stayed one more day so we could do some laundry and explore the area a bit more. First, we went back to the Frank Slide field, examining different kinds of rocks and coal. Then we headed up to Hillcrest, the site of the worst mine disaster in Canada. It happened on June 19, 2014 and 189 men were killed by an explosion deep underground. The cemetery (where most were buried in a common grave) is eery. In the townsite, the building that was used as the morgue still stands. We then headed back to the Schooner to settle in.

Lez notes: In spite of the disasters, the stories of carrying on and the fact that there is life in the Crowsnest Pass shows the reslience of people. Given our current Covid situation, there is a lot of tourism happening - campgrounds are busy - and have been all summer - with Canadians! Visiting our own country! There is so much to see, and many experiences to be had - and people are supporting local economy. As with every disaster we learn there is hope and we cope. Thanksgiving weekend coming up - thankful for all that I have.