Frank Slide Interpretive Centre (Oct 4, 2020)

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Among the rocks.

A lazy, lazy morning. When all was said and done at almost 1 PM, we headed over to the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre. What an informative place. We were there for more than two hours and learned all about the 1903 slide. We then drove through old Frank (along what was then Dominion Avenue) and into the slide area. The surroundings are overwhelming. We finished off at an old lime kiln which had taken advantage of the huge amounts of limestone available in the slide area. We then headed back home just in time to set up and have a family dinner with the kids (via video connection).

Lez in awe: The power of nature. There are no words to truly describe the world that changed for the people of the mining town of Frank, North West Territories (District of Alberta) at 4:10 am April 29, 1903. In what has been determined to be a 90 second event - 90+ lives lost, homes buried or destroyed in about a third of Frank. The slide also buried a farm and 2 ranchland homesteads. The north face of Turtle Mountain rolled 110 million tonnes of limestone rock down the slopes, covering a road, a CP rail line and dammed the Crowsnest River stopping on the valley floor as the land rose again. The Frank Slide Interpretive Centre is a must stop! An extensive and well-produced interpretation of what happened at the base of what the Blackfoot and Kutenai people called "the mountain that moves".