South to Waterton and back (Oct 3, 2020)

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And then came a cattle drive.

Today we headed down to Waterton National Park. We had originally intended to camp at Wateron but Lee got apprehensive about the nice weather, COVID 19 implications (people staying in Canada) and the fact that most of the campgrounds there are still being rebuilt after their disasterous forest fire. As we saw later on, we were correct - no space in the campground. But, back to our day. First up was Red Rock Canyon. The whole area was burnt in the fire, but it was still spectacular. We walked the trails and Lee climbed down to the water with Lez taking photos. It reminded Lez of visiting the Great Sand Hills near Leader though - too many people. We then spent some time in Waterton townsite. It was busy. The ice cream shop was still open, so we indulged. We decided to head home after that. Along the way on the highway, we came across a cattle drive. About ten people on horseback and one on a quad were driving a herd along the ditch. What a neat Alberta sight!

Lez observes: Too many people! Waterton was a zoo of people! I am doubly pleased we are in the Lost Lemon campground in Blairmore! We started the day at Red Rock Canyon - a place we have visited on a few occasions over the years and once again, in spite of the large number of visitors, we were overwhelmed by the rock and water formations. Many photos taken. The wilderness and some structural devastation of the Kenow Wildfire of 2017 is still very visible. The rock is really red - and as the Red Rock Creek water flows over it, the colour is a very deep rich red! Bits of green algae add colour to the rock, and the white (limestone?) streaks are very green underwater. Add the colours of the leaves - brightest of yellows/oranges - a photographer's delight!The challenge - get the photo without people! Yikes! And the special surprise as we crested a hill driving away from the park... the cattle drive! Camera went into video mode!!! What a treat to see!