Writing on Stone to Blairmore (Oct 2, 2020)

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First drink from a river.

Time to leave a wonderful place. The geography and geology around Writing on Stone really make the Drumheller area look quite normal. We moved right along, stopping only in Lethbridge for some groceries and fuel. Then it was on to Blairmore, passing through fields and fields of wind generators. Once we were settled in the campground, Lee took Hobbes to the river. We do believe it was the first time he had been on the banks of a river. He was apprehensive at first but eventually settled in for a long drink. We settled in for a nice BBQ steak supper and quiet time on the computers.

Lez notes: The Lost Lemon campground, hmmmm, actually a nice surprise of a campground in Blairmore AB - and all thoughts of feeling like we were missing out in not going to Waterton were waylayed. The owners are Swiss and boy, the grounds sure are tidy! We settled in for a quiet evening updating a LOT of photos over the past few days. We have all services, so comfy use of electricity, water and the attached "dumping" connection.