Hiking at Writing on Stone (Oct 1, 2020)

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Grasshoppers don't stand a chance.

After breakfast, Lee took Hobbes for a walk, or the other way around. He wandered over to the fence by the Milk River edge and spent a lot of time staring all around. Then a grasshopper happened by. Hobbes caught it mid-air and devoured it. Our boy has still got it!

Lez sneaks a start for the day - as she is downloading the pics from yesterday, including a before and after of "the slump"!! Goosebumps all over again! TODAY's adventure walking the Hoodoo trail.... a real live, no prop, no caged rattler!!!! OMG! We are walking the trail, Lee ahead of me and rock face on one side and this low shrub on the other, and as Lee walks thru i hear a "hissing" sort of sound. i ask "Did you hear that?" "no" "there is something here!" "what" "i dunno but my guess it's a rattler" "really?" He turns around and the bushes wiggle and bit of the sand flows onto the path and sure enough - hissing again, and i see a rattling tail! Scared, excited, WOW! But I have to pass that spot and the snake is having issues getting up the soft sand and keeps sliding back in my way!!! no - path around. So i grab the camera and start taking pictures!!! LOLOL. I got Lee to find a long stick - he found a branch and we distracted him enough with that so I could pass, and take more pictures. Talk about being pumped!!! Fortunately he will remain anonymous as my pictures caught the closer grasses in focus and the snake stayed "uncaptured". I was not about to move any shrubbery to get a good pic - but now I know for sure what a rattler sounds like!