Medicine Hat to Writing on Stone (Sep 30, 2020)

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The water is still, the river bank is not.

Lee went for a propane refill, gas fill-up and Tim Bits after breakfast. Note to all readers: propane refill places (as opposed to tank exchanges) are not as prevalent as you would think. I got incorrect advice from two people and seemed to have driven across Medicine Hat before I found one that refills 30 pound tanks. We left the campground well after the checkout time and headed for Writing on Stone Provincial Park. After sorting through an incorrect reservation we spent a couple of hours wandering along the Milk River (with very little water due to a breached dam on an American portion of the river). We saw antelope and white tailed deer, lots of hoodoos and a beautiful sunset. We also experienced a portion of the river bank give way right before our eyes. Heed those warning signs! We then started a nice campfire, roasted wieners and marshmallows, and finished with a nice coffee in the dark around the campfire.

Lez smiles: The walkabout before dinner - and the stunning river bank slump and spectacutlar sun-lit photos ended with Lee retrieving our lawn chairs from the RV and bringing them to the west end of our walk. There we sat for another hour (at least!) and witnessed a wonderful sunset and the effects on all the rock formations along the south banks. The water is hardly flowing - and until you find it pinched and flowing over rocks, you really can't tell which way it flows. We stayed until the sun had truly set. We enjoyed a very simple fare dinner and enjoyed the campfire - something that we really have not done a lot of! Another 277 pics on the camera!