Gas City campground (Sep 29, 2020)

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Coffee visitors, quilting, and the Cap'n returns.

So Fuzzy First Mate and Swab sleep in until 8 and slowly get rolling. Coffee on, and Pam and KJ come by again for a shorter visit and more quilt talk, and sharing thoughts and ideas about Quilts of Valour. After they left, Swab is taken for a walk - LOL actually, she made a sandwich lunch and had it handy on the picnic table since the Fuzzy Mate doesn't really wander too far or fast unless he decides he does not want to go the way Swab thinks he should. The wind picked up and they both headed back into the Schooner. It was showering yellow leaves all afternoon. Lez did some more sewing, popped in the "Lez" CD's - Celine, Deano - her fave non-rock musical artists. Hobbes slept the day away. It was quiet for the rest of the day. Lee called to give us an ETA, and arrived with bandages on his arm, instructions for Swab, soon to be Nurse, for looking after the incisions & stitches. He arrived safe and sound bearing a fresh apple pie from Les Mossman. He had stopped by our old neighbour's and had a visit. It feels so good to have my Man back home and even Hobbes appears more relaxed.

Lee notes: Slept in until after nine and left the house with Chris still sleeping. I called our old neighbours, the Mossmans, and went over for a nice visit. Les sent me away with one of her homemade apple pies (after I got to taste a slice). Then it time for the U of A again. Same people, but this time in surgical gowns. There was a lot of humour as the doctor did his work. They all seemed more interested in Cypress Hills and RVs than medical stuff. Apparently I did very well and with very little bleeding, But I was left with two rows of staples and huge bandages that the Nurse Mate will have to replace and rebandage for the next few weeks. I left for home right after the surgery at about 3:30 pm. I then covered the 575 kilometers in five and half hours again, using the same route home. Chuck handled it all very well and got excellent gas mileage. It was nice to get back and enjoy some late night apple pie and coffee with my mate (and the fuzzy guy too).