Gas City campground (Sep 28, 2020)

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Quilty Coffee Clatch.

The morning actually provided a 2nd 7 o'clock to Lez's day. Guess sleeping in is not possible without Lee around. Enjoyed a hearty poached egg breakfast and then the "Swab" title took hold. Guests were coming around noon, and the Schooner was cleaned, vaccuumed and spruced up to be able to it's best tire forward. Pam Robertson, the Medicine Hat Quilts of Valour rep, and quilter Karen (KJ) Finley were very surprised at the spaciousness of the Schooner. Lez showed off her quilts on the walls and shared some tips for the threadplay to highlight the wall quilts. Various quilting techniques were shared and conversation carried on outside to the picnic table. Pam had made "box lunches" for the 3 of us and we whiled away a couple of pleasant hours. Hobbes - er - Fuzzy First Mate was bored and slept the time away. Once the deck was cleared, he decided it was time for a walkabout. Good timing! We got back to the Schooner just as traffic into the campground became very busy! The serviced sites are pretty much full! Lez connected with family in Edmonton around dinner hour - they polished off a cheese fondue and Lez bar-b-qued a t-bone steak. Lee's tests were good, but do require some attention tomorrow, so we will see the Cap'n back tomorrow night. Lez opened up a quilt project, sewing machine & iron and occupied herself for the evening. Hobbes observed thru closed eyelids on the bed. Time to do an exterior check of the Schooner and catch come zzzzz's!

Lee muses: I got the push from Aaron at 6:00 am. He was off to work and I was off to see the specialist at the U of A. Nice guy. He had his residency doctor with him and they soon started a head to toe examination. It was concluded I should come back tomorrow for some surgery. Fine. Now I had the rest of the day to run a bunch of chores. They all got done and I returned to Chris and Aaron's for a second family dinner and a nice long sleep.