Gas City campground (Sep 27, 2020)

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The Fuzzy First Mate and the Swab.

Well, Fuzzy First Mate slept a lot today, leaving the Cap'n duties to the Swab - who is also the Chief Cook. Our Cap'n has abandoned ship for a few days - taking Chuck up to Edmonton for a medical appt. Swab made sure that a healthy 3-load laundry was transported along with him - expecting to see the items clean and neatly folded when he returns. Before Chuck & the Cap'n departed, we did re-dock at a full service site - which Swab is pleased to have - power, connected water, sewer drain connected. Fuzzy First Mate had the Swab following along for a good walk before dinner. The campground is very clean, nicely cared for. Lots of bright yellow leaves on the ground, the trees are starting to "thin out". We settled in to dinner with a video presence with the crew in Edmonton. As always - good stories, good laughs. Lez aka the Swab spent the evening at her sewing table, putting finishing touches on the patches to the lining of a spring/fall coat.

Lee says: Well, I wanted to move the Schooner as early as possible so I could get to Edmonton at a decent hour. The folks in our new site left with five minutes to spare. We were ready and moved over quickly. I left at 12:05 after making sure Lez had everything hooked up and working. So then, it was five and half hours to Chris and Aaron's house. We had a family dinner, which was neat because we had Lez on the video call. I was bushed after that and hit the sack.