Elkwater to Medicine Hat (Sep 26, 2020)

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Backing up is getting better.

We took little time and left Elkwater for Medicine Hat. We intended to park the Schooner first and then go for groceries. Ok, so we have to back into a spot for the night. And the neighbour with the humungous fifth wheel pulled by a commercial semi tractor is watching. No pressure, even after he came out of his rig to watch. This time Lez called Lee on his cell phone which was still tethered to Chuck's communication system so Lee could talk to Lez hands-free (and Lez's waving-free from the past). Anyways, we got the Schooner in there very nicely. Lez said afterwards that the neighbour appeared to be satisfied. Before supper we had Hobbes out for a long time. We think he quite enjoyed that. After supper, it was relaxing time with whatever we could do given that we are in a dry site for the night.

Lez Quips: It's about time we used the phones!! Two months of running to the other side of the back end of the unit to be seen in the rear view mirror; or running past 59 ft of RV & truck to be able to explain to Lee that I mean keep the RV moving to the right or left or strait! Which of course was BEFORE he kept going where I didn't want him to. *sigh* But we did nail it this time!! With the cell plugged into the truck, we can chat from the cab hands free. SOOO much easier for communications. And yes, the gent watching kind of left his lookout post with a look of "well that didn't go with great yelling as expected!". Kind of diasppointed more than satisfied LOL.