Val Marie to Grasslands East Block (Sep 21, 2020)

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Pssst. You have a slow leak.

A nice morning and time to head out to the East Block. But wait, one of the tires on the Schooner is low. Dangerously low. Well, no one in Val Marie can fix a tire, but the guy at the RM shop is happy to pump it up. While doing so, he noticed Lee's Rotterdam T-shirt and comments that his brother lives in The Hague. Small world scenario #1. We then drive to Cadillac, hoping the tire will hold. It barely does and is quite hot when we arrive at LaCelle Gas Station. Lee asks if they can fix a slow leak so I can get to Shaunavon or Swift Current and perhaps get a new tire. The guy says he has them in stock and can do all four right then. The price is right and soon the Schooner is getting four new tires. As he is doing the work Lee mentions that we will be working with a local in Pambrun to find Anne Poulter's family homestead. He asks who the guy is, I look it up and he says he used to play hockey against him. Small world scenario #2. We then make it to the East Block and settle in for the evening.

Lez is just chilled right out: One would think that having to deal with a flat tire would just send the day into the tank. As we make our notes this evening - quite the opposite feeling from the day. Ben in Val Marie was very helpful, pumping up the tire, recommending we get that changed though and then getting into the conversation about the Netherlands - and our collective visits and things we like about the country. Lee took his time driving, no rush - we will get to the East Block before sunset!! The gent (one of two brothers we think - they looked alike) who helped us in Cadlillac was great! He & Lee chatted up a storm about all things related to cars, the countryside and people. He worked quickly, we had no panic, no stress. We knew at some point those tires needed to be replaced - and obviously today was the day. Grasslands East Block is very quiet tonight. One of our neighbours was a neighbour last night in Val Marie! Heading outside to check out the Milky Way - NO light noise out here!!