Scenic Tour road (Sep 22, 2020)

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Hobbes and the grasshoppers.

We started out by checking in and paying for the campsite. We then hiked part of a trail that starts near the office, but turned back after we were undecided if we were still on the loop or heading out on a ten kilometer one-way hike. We then drove the scenic road (paved no less) all the way to a fantastic lookout that is probably within one or two kilometers of the US border. The panorama was fantastic and so were the fall colours in the coulees. We got some great shots. After returning to the Schooner we let Hobbes out loose but on his leash. He didn't wander very far and was soon fascinated by the grasshoppers. He tried his best to trap one but was not successful. He and Lee needed a nap after that. Later on, Lee re-organized Chuck's truck bed as best as he could given that we are now carrying two extra tires. Later in the evening we headed up to the visitor centre to use their very local internet service. A flashlight, two laptops and a cell phone. No lights anywhere, just total darkness. But it worked. The good new days, as Lee likes to call them.

Les notes: Well, the Milky Way last night was visible, but the cloud cover was enough that the stars were not as bright as we have seen in other coulee campgrounds. Today we took our time getting out to see the world and what a lazy world we are enjoying. The hike was interesting - I think we missed a turn, or took one we shouldn't have - one of the things about leaving the wilds wild is that the markers are sparse - and the fact that not an overwhelming number of visitors are here. This block of the park is only 10 years old. The peaceful is like no other. The vistas just as incredible as we have seen and really make one feel like a very tiny spec on our planet. We are without cell or other communication to the outside world - unless we want to do US roaming - which our phones did pick up - unwanted - but did. We shut them off! We were advised at the park office we could park in their lot in the evening and could use their porch (or veranda) to use the cell service. So there we were at 10 at night, in TOTAL darkness with our laptops on our laps, checking and sending emails. You can imagine the gophers... blinking out of their burrow... What the (*&^*%%) is that light!!!!!