Meadows campground (Sep 13, 2020)

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A snap by the cat.

We woke up to find something on the carpet near the dining room table. Oh boy Hobbes, what have you done? A close examination reveals that our mighty mouser has again trapped a mouse. Only the tail is recognizable. To say the least, Hobbes had treats with breakfast. We then walked part of our Meadows campground in a windy and chilly morning. Then, it was time to ensconsce in a cozy RV. Lee made banana muffins just to add to the warmth. We ended the day with a cheese fondue.

Lez is proud: What a great cat! We had no idea we had the stowaway! Extra brushings, treats and hugs - he's my fuzzy hero. My other hero (with the beard) filled the RV with the smells of his blueberry enhanced banana muffins! He's got that gas oven tuned just right!! The wind was wild all day, enough to shake the Schooner! - on the high prairie "seas". The huge spruce outside our dining window waved at us all day!! My day was spent editing photos, updating the Facebook page "Roads Less Gravelled". Glad we have a campsite with power!