Old Baldy (Sep 12, 2020)

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A deer at the dining table.

A lazy day today. We finally got out in the afternoon to see Old Baldy (Bald Butte as it is officlally known). The vistas never seem to lose their amazement. We then took the west road back to the Gap Road and then headed into the townsite. We drive nearly every road where the private houses are. There have been some nice new places added. Back at supper time, we were eating and Lee noticed a deer right outside our dining table window. It was getting darker and we noticed the sun was hazy and turning colour. So we hopped in the truck and headed out to the outlook point to catch some red sun photos. On the way back the road and ditches were alive with cows and more deer.

Lez chuckles and provides her version.... Catching up - to a moving target!! As I finished off the Sept 8th & 9th photos for posting; and photos from the 10th & 11th are ready to choose from, we sit down to dine on the last of the Ceaser salad and smokies and LOL ripple chips & dip. Lee suddenly grabs the camera because outside the window of our dining table... a deer wanders by. Then we see a very orange-y setting sun so we dash out the door to reach the view point and slalom the truck around 4 cows in the ranchland section of Cypress Hills. Yes we stayed on the road, and the cows graciously, suspiciously moved off. All's well - get the photos - a smoky sunset and more deer (& 4 cows - I HAD to take pic of our road hazards!) - 98 more photos added to today. (guess that could be a moooving target).