Dinosaur Park to Cypress Hills Centre Block (Sep 11, 2020)

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No antelope, no unclelope, no lopes of any kind.

We were up again shortly after 6 AM to see if we could see any deer near the park entrance. We ended up seeing a mother and two little ones across the Red Deer River. But the views and sounds were great. We then had breakfast and headed out for Brooks to gas up, and Medicine Hat to fill up the larder for a number of days away from any big centre. We're getting good at parking Chuck and the Schooner in the far reaches of parking lots and taking up many normal parking spaces. We arrived in Cypress Hills on the Sask side in late afternoon and set up for a long stay. After supper we started a fire and enjoyed the stars and Milky Way until after 10 PM.

Lez adds: Oh, middle of the night coyote howling. I swear it was in our campground! And coyote responses from far off! Two days in a row 6:15 AM! This better not become a habit!! Or maybe it could, the sunrise again, as it touches the tops of the badlands and hoodoos, misty moors on the river, the deer, the quiet. 2 days and 536 photos (after deleting some duplicates and all blurries).