Sunrise and sunset on the viewpoint (Sep 10, 2020)

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It's always darkest before it dawns on you.

We had set the alarm for 6:30 am so we could get to the top viewpoint by sunrise. On the way, we saw several deer on and beside the road and then a coyote ambled between us down the hill at the top viewpoint. We got some nice photos and then returned to the Schooner for a snooze (that was just too early for us). In the afternoon we walked the Cottonwoods Flat Trail with many photos of the Cottonwood trees and fall-changing coloured willows and other bushes. We then headed back up to the top for some full sun photos of the valley. While there, Lez encountered some bikers from St. Paul, a couple of whom were low on fuel. Lee went back to the Schooner for the generator fuel and provided it to them. Then it was back for a salmon and greek salad dinner. We headed back to the top to see the sunset on the valley and finished the evening with coffee and marshmallows around the firepit.

Lez corrects - 6:15!!!!. We had these two days without cell service for us to tether our computers to for WIFI, or IFFI and the Dinosaur Park campground had a very weak (useless) signal for WIFI. Emails started to send but wouldn’t complete. Talk about feeling helpless!!! It did make us focus on "here and now" and of course, we survived and also marvel, how did the settlers survive! HOWEVER, the Milky Way night show nightly when no cloud cover was INCREDIBLE! We made a day of sunrise and sunset (ya me finding out once again there are TWO 7 o’clocks in a day) over the tops of the Red Deer River badlands. With the hiking every day, campfire evenings complete with a marshmallows and hot chocolate coffee mix ("undoctored") We are sleeping like logs. Gourmet meals accompanied with an Autumn Gold from Wild Goose vineyards. (Yes, we keep the wine cellar stocked).