Meadows campground (Sep 14, 2020)

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So still you can hear a pine needle drop.

There was slight smoke in the air as we woke up, caused by the US wild fires. With the reduction in campers and no wind, it was incredibly still. In the early afternoon, a deer wandered by our camp site, unconcerned about the vehicles around him.

Lez reminisces: Dad's birthday today and I'm sure he's been watching over us - one of those bright stars we can see on our clear nights. No plans to spend much time wandering the smoky air pathways today, so, laundry!! The dryer dried most of the items, but the thicker sweatshirts and towels weren't gonna get the extra loonie to dry... we have a clothes horse - and a nice warm electric fireplace that is on today... so... everything is now dry, folded and tucked away!