Qu'Appelle Valley (Aug 14, 2020)

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There's an echo out here.

We spent the day touring around the Qu'Appelle valley. We stopped at Echo Valley Provincial Park and spent some time at the Echo Valley lookout. Great views. We ended up our tour by going up Valley View Road and enjoying the views from the top of the valley. Lez even climbed into the box of the truck to getter a higher view. We then stopped at the Schooner for some supplies and to feed Hobbes. The rest of the evening was spent with Peter and Marg savouring BBQ ribs and later, popcorn and marshmallows around their fire pit. When we returned to the Schooner we stood outside for a bit admiring the stars.

Lez muses: Views from the pickup bed is a lot higher than ground level - what great views!!! We saw such a range of views - from expanse of the prairie to the old pickup, swallow nests ringing the top of an old house - side by side! The biggest changes are the growth of the trees that were newly planted "twigs" back in the 1970's!