Katepwa to White City (Aug 15, 2020)

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What a rack.

We were up before 7 AM to catch a few views in the hills around the campground. First, an old stone bridge that appears to have been the old highway across the Qu'Appelle River. You can still see some of the ashphalt on the north side. And on the south side, the old school built in 1919. We then took a gravel road up from the campground. No more than a couple of minutes and there was a buck white-tailed deer with a great rack. Lez managed to get him not only standing in a pose but also as he was jumping. A little further we spotted two more white-tailed deer. We finished with a loop back to the highway and then a great breakfast. Then we broke camp and headed for Regina. Under and hour and we arrived at Comfort Plus near White City. After setting up, we drove into Regina for some chores, a quick stop at Fran's and a surprise stop at Aubrey and Brenda Hick's house. A nice time in their back yard with lemonade and home-made treats. Then it was time to return to the Schooner, feed Hobbes and relax.

Lez Yawns: (and repeats for those who haven't noticed...) There are two 7 o'clocks in a day? Got some great pictures all the same. The White-tailed buck photos are great!!!! The coulees of the prairies - a wildlife haven. It was also great to stop by Fran's and arrange for a Monday get-together. And EVER so glad we stopped on the road in front of the home of Aubrey and Brenda Hicks - intending just to honk, wave and wander on! Back yards on a warm summer day are perfect for a social distance lazy afternoon. Very special friends.