RCMP Heritage Centre (Aug 16, 2020)

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On the leash.

We left for Regina after a lazy breakfast. First up, the RCMP Heritage Center. Very informative and filled in a lot of blanks on Lee's prairie history. We followed that with a bunch of shopping. Regina needs to lose its farmer mentality and get into a big city way of thinking. Streets and street signs are embarrassing. We headed home after that, only to find that the small and one of the large propane tanks were empty. Supper was still delicious after finishing it off on the stove top. We chatted with the Quebec neighbours, had Hobbes out on the leash and finished off with coffee and port around the fire pit.

Lez smiles: It was a truly touristy type of day; and in spite of turning down a roadway not marked as "don't go here!!!", we did fine. The RCMP Heritage Centre was a great history lesson ! Unfortunately two of the interactive displays - the crash car & the forensics lab were not operating. Because of that, they were not charging admission but asking for donation admission. The tour ended with a video of an overview of the RCMP training -only done in Regina!! Not for the feint of heart; gained respect for their preparation for their work.