Last Mountain Lake to Katepwa (Aug 11, 2020)

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Dusty, the Schooner is dusty. Well yes, this is Saskatchewan.

Up early (for us) and went to take some neat photos around the campground. After breakfast we broke camp and headed south on SK 20. We pulled into several small towns so we could get closeups of their elevators. We are becoming comfortable pulling the Schooner through narrow streets. We stopped for lunch in Southey where only the lounge was open. They are open 10:00 am to closing. Really! After that, more towns, more elevators until finally we dropped into the Qu'Appelle valley. After a bumpy ride through Katepwa, we ended up in our RV park. After setting up, we doubled back to Piet and Marg's place for supper and great conversation. Their local squirrel also kept us entertained. Home around 9:00 and settled in for the night.

Lez yawns: there are two 7 o'clocks in a day? Got some great pictures all the same. And yes, a few more gravelled roads had to be traversed. But the bumpier roads were the roads "less" gravelled!! I've decided the little squirrel is "George".