Fabyan to Provost (Aug 8, 2020)

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Signs? What signs!

First thing after breakfast we headed back to the trestle overlook to get some sunny photos of the train going over. We caught one in each direction. Then we headed back, packed up and started our journey to Provost. AS we left, we used the trailer brakes adjustment system in Chuck to better align the trailer brakes with those on Chuck. We then drive east and south from Wainwright. We drive through Edgerton and after ten clicks or so ended up back on Highway 14! Two important points about this. First, not all turns are well marked, as in Edgerton. Second, did you know that a truck and 5th wheel can make a U-turn where two highways meet? Anyways, we headed back to Edgerton, found the highway sign from the other direction and turned as planned. A block in we found the Oasis Cafe, which made fabulous burgers and fries. The decor was very, how to put it, prairie old. After lunch we finished our drive to Provost, tried to find a grocery store (nope) and eventually landed at the Home on Range campground where we parked for the night. The adjustments to the hitch height done by the Canadian Tire mechanic were perfect; we hardly had to adjust the Schooner to make it level. We finished the evening with a king crab dinner with home made Red Lobster cheese biscuits.

Lez burps: Gourmet RV meals - we may have to start a cook book - Glamping Cooking!! Cheddar bay biscuits and King Crab; Lee's famous Mac 'n Cheese; Banana Muffins; Wings on the Q; Veal & Schnitzel! All with appropriate Canadian wines! Yes, you can cook up a storm just like in a house that doesn't move!! We have found several instances of road signs not being clear, or even there! and Google Maps? not quite what I would call easy to follow. Of course the old folded maps are also subject to their idiot-syncrasies!! LOL - like the fold that rips right along the road you think you should be taking!!