Fabyan Trestle (Aug 7, 2020)

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A mouse in the house? No problem!

Lee got up around 8 am and discovered what on the kitchen floor? Yup, a dead mouse. Way to go, Hobbes! After a nice pancake and bacon breakfast we headed into Wainwright to do some chores. One of them was to lower the Curt hitch, which the mechanic at Canadian Tire did not charge us for. We then went over to the view point for the Fabyan train bridge. Even though it was raining slightly, it was still a great sight when a train went over. We headed back to the Schooner and settled in as the rain became more intense. We made a great supper and then headed outside to test out the generator (since our on-board batteries were at 50% capacity). The generator would overload when we plugged in the Schooner. This needs some investigation. We then idled Chuck for a bit with the Schooner cord plugged in and the batteries were soon at 75%. For the second time today, Chuck turned off after a few minutes. This also needs more investigation. So much more to learn.

Lez grins: So proud of my kitty!!!! Ok, he's 14 but still, it is great to have a mouser in the house. Since he was the Master of the Pasture, he is now dubbed the House Mouser! The Museum in Wainwright was closed - website didn't show any indication. We were a little disappointed. However, that disappeared as we checked out the Battle River Trestle. The eastbound CN popped around the bend just before we left the lookout. It's a good thing we don't use camera film any more!! Between the trestle and train and the rainbow and sunset tonight - more pictures to download.